Hi! We’re Sanctuary, and we’re committed to creating fragrances for a better future. We’re on a mission to create an ecosystem for change, championing good stewardship of our planet that will not only sustain, but truly nourish our environment, our wildlife, and each other. We are working toward the day when our entire world is a sanctuary for every living being.


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Not an afterthought or an add-on, our entire business, experience and every product is designed to support our cause. We donate 20% of proceeds from every sale to an organization dedicated to saving each fragrance’s namesake.

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Sustainable packaging

We approach sustainability with a system thinker’s mind. Which means that we not only seek the most rigorous certifications, we work to minimize our environmental impact at every step, from conception to manufacturing to delivery.

Boxes: Our shipping boxes and fragrance sleeves are FSC certified and come from trees grown in a responsibly managed forest. They have met the highest environmental standards to ensure production will protect the world’s flora, and can be recycled after use.

Mushroom Tray: We use mycelium-based packaging made out of mushrooms, which is a 100% compostable alternative to plastic foams and has been grown at room temperature into a molded structure that perfectly fits your bottle. To dispose of it, place it in your compost bin, or directly into your yard or houseplants to add nutrients back into the soil.

Green Cell Foam: Our insulation is made from US-grown corn and is entirely compostable. It is not recyclable and can be disposed of by running it under water, composting the material, burning in your fireplace or outdoor fire pit, or added to the water you use for your plants to provide extra nutrients.

Glass Bottles: Our lightweight bottles use post-industrial recycled glass, which are made from scrap and broken pieces from other glassmaking projects that would otherwise have been thrown away.

Organic Inks: To ensure all components can be recycled or disposed of correctly, all graphics on our packaging are printed using organic, vegetable-based inks.

100% transparency

We are dedicated to transparency in our ingredients and our process, and as much as possible, we work to create with our community. By creating together, in the open, we hope our customers feel invested in creating change with us. On every product page, you’ll find every single ingredient used listed, its origin, and its function within the formula. We have nothing to hide, and we’re happy to show it all.

100% transparency

Clean formulation

We see it as our responsibility to define a new standard for our industry. Going above and beyond the current bar for “clean,” our list of ingredients that we won’t use is over 1,000 items long. We vet every single ingredient, both natural and synthetic, against the Sanctuary standard—using only those which do no harm to humans, animals, or the environment.

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We’re committed to doing the right thing, choosing to do what’s good for all, rather than what’s best for us. We build our brand and our business from the heart, with kindness, empathy, and compassion for our customers, our cause, and everyone we work with.


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