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saves animals

20% of the proceeds from every purchase will go towards organizations dedicated to saving each fragrance’s namesake.


Raised for
Red Pandas


Raised for
Amur Leopards


Raised for Vaquitas


Raised for Javan Rhinos


Raised for Saola Asian Unicorns


Raised for North Atlantic Right Whales


Raised for Malayan Tigers


Raised for Cross River Gorillas

our world, our sanctuary

We talk the talk and walk the walk, with our entire business dedicated to supporting conservation efforts.

We want to leave the world better than we found it so that it can be a safe haven for all endangered species.


Red Panda

The Red Panda Network strives to protect the wild red panda population thriving in Eastern Nepal and China.

Amur Leopard

Through the efforts of the Phoenix Fund, we hope to help impact protecting and managing the amur leopard’s habitat in China and Russia.

Javan Rhino

Save the Rhino contributions help safeguard the last remaining habitat for the Javan rhino in Ujung Kulon National Park in Indonesia.

Vaquita Dolphin

Through donations to Save the Whales, we aim to bring awareness and attention to the critical endangerment of the remaining vaquita porpoises in Mexico's Gulf of California.

Saola Asian Unicorn

The Saola Foundation is a non-profit organization that works to save saolas living in the wild from extinction through conservation efforts in the forests of the Annamite Mountains the creature calls home.

North Atlantic Right Whale

Center for Coastal Studies is dedicated to preserving, protecting, and further understanding North Atlantic right whales’ environment through aerial surveillance, habitat and food resource monitoring, and investigation into their acoustic behavior in Cape Cod Bay.

Malayan Tiger

The Carolina Tiger Rescue is a non-profit wildlife sanctuary located in North Carolina that is devoted to saving wild cats both in the wild and in captivity. Big cats that reside at the sanctuary are rescued from the wild pet trade, and are provided a comfortable, safe environment to live.

Cross River Gorilla

The Cross River Gorilla Project is a charity based in the UK with a mission to save the endangered animal, working to preserve its habitat in the rainforests of Cameroon’s Lebialem Highlands while supporting existing conservation efforts in the area.

Amazon Rainforest

The Rainforest Foundation US works to support Indigenous and traditional people who reside in the world's rainforests by helping to protect their lands and culture. This is done by defending their individual and collective rights, while securing the natural resources necessary in ways that do not harm their environment or violate their respective cultures.



Rainforest, 100 ml

Tiger, 100ml

Gorilla, 100 ml

Whale, 100 ml

Saola, 100 ml

Rhino, 100 ml

Dolphin, 100 ml

Panda, 100 ml

Red Panda


Leopard, 100 ml

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